I know, step 1 was to draw you own sketch, BUT, I got these inks test did for another skillshare tutorial and wanted to make this first “Project 0”, to really practice all the steps Patrick show us in his video, before the real deal, so this is why I have develop my colors over Stuart Immonen star wars´s pencils. If I control this way of work I would like to color the entire page (which I already have inked), but first, this project 0.
 So really hope you enjoy them and appreciate all the steps Patrick Brown teach us in this great class.

Step 1 – Inks.
Nothing to add, inks using Wacom, lines with regular hard brush number.5 for the silhouette, 3 for the inner details, and 8 for the big lines.

Step 2 – Flat colors.
Regular colors, I use these pics for references, the movie one for the face lights and shadows, and the comic one for the uniform color (but I tried to use different ones, kind of)


 Step 3- Shades, lighting and details.
I have try to use almost all the steps, Patrick used in the videos and apply them for this pose and face, What do you think?

I used to work with a different way for colors, but I think this way of work is very handy, thanks a lot Mr. Brown!

Step 4- Background
There is almost no BG, so I try to apply something from the videos. The action is supposed to occur in Endor, so lots of vegetation. So I applied the wall texture from the video to make something for the background, using the same brushes. (Very handy link btw)

Step 5- details and Fun.
Finally I added some fun to the mix and copy the “help me!” scene colors, kind of, using some tricks from the class to give it a nice color touches, and this is it!

Hope you like it!

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