Freak's City, a very nice web where I receive news about what is ready to download, has posted a nice test about tv-show, so I am going to do it too :-).

Worst new Series: Fringe, I´m sorry I watched the first 12 episodes, and I still think that its a cooler X-files wannabe.

Best New Series: I have to say as well, Glee, is like High Scholl Musical, but funnier and crazzier, I really hope to see more.

Which new series have you already abandonned this season: Heroes, I am done with this one, For God´s shake, why htey did not kill Hiro? and by the way, Why did they not kill anyone?... seriously, anyone!

Which series do you think, should you abandoned: The Simpsons, they are lossing strenght, I mean, they dont have to be Family Gau , but... and El Internado, thats a spanish one, and they have spoilt it completely.

Which one did you abandonned and now you are thinking you should have hang on: Dexter, it starts good, i really like him, but then I loose my interest. And Rome, they should end this one later the murder of Julius Caesar.

Which series do you follow: Lost, The Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural, Smallville, Flashforward, Kings, Glee, True Blood, I.T Crowd.

Other series: Doctor Mateo, a spanish one, its nice. El internado other spanish, and Brothers and sisters, Its a soup opera, but I like it.

Which new series do you wait for : V, it looks good, but i think it will be never better than the old one. And of course, LOST: FINAL SEASON (its not good, but its good).

Which is the tv-show you always talk about, but nobody does: KINGS, I think it has been already canlleced, but it was really good.

Which Series do you wait to see more than anyone: The Big Bang Theory y Supernatural.

Cancellatin that hurt you: Kings, I´d liked the concept.

Female Character who turn you crazy:  Buffy , love when she goes nuts and wanted to kill the teachers,  and Starbuck from Galáctica. Now, I could say Lois from Smallville (sometimes) & Penny from TBBT. But nobody´s better than Juliette from LOST, shes my winner.

¿And Male?: Another Lostie, Desmond (I´m a Romantic). Now, I will go with Sheldon Cooper from TBBT and Castiel "Cass" from Supernatural.

That actor that makes you see a new series, even when you dont  follor it: Any of the Friends crew, even when they say that Cougar Town is not really good.

¿Drama or Comedy?: Comedy.

¿That Show, that you try to defend?: Brothers & Sisters, its a soup opera, but I am really into it.

And that other that people defends and you can´t understand why: HOUSE , And I understand Why, but I dont like it, and I wont!

The one You should give a second chance?: Maybe Fringe, because I have see already the first 12 ,and Rome just to see how it ends.

Tv-show that you see again and again and you never get tired of it: I am going to repet myself, but Buffy Vampire Slayer & Friends, that one I have even record myself the script, I used to use the jokes of the show, I really enjoy them, but nobody gets the joke ....stuff...

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